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2018 Summer  NEWSLETTER

Cindy, Terry and Angie want to once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you faithful partnership, your prayers, the love of God that you carry and give out so lovingly.  God is using you mightily and we pray that you realize what your prayers and support have accomplished as you read through this letter.  God Bless you!  We love you!
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23
When the Ark Rescue Center opened its doors in 2007, we began this incredible journey with 42 orphaned boys and girls from the fishing villages in India. Imagine our surprise this year when we were introduced to the another group of 23 orphans that now call the ARC home. They are pictured above. 

 Some of our older kids are no longer living at the ARC but they still receive your support. Some are living away attending college, and some are working. Your sponsorship helps with their expenses. What a success this program has been. Many of them have grown up to have hope and a good future.  

When we were planning this trip we wondered what Joseph and Sony's  plans were for the future of the ARC since so many of the orphans are now young adults and moving on with their lives.

Now we know!! There are 23 additional children living at the Ark Rescue Center that need sponsors. SPREAD THE WORD to your friends, family, churches and community. We need sponsors for all these new children. Sponsorship is still $24.00 a month. The entire amount going to the ARC to provide food, and clothing for these orphaned children from the fishing villages. Most came to the ARC with only the clothes on their back and some didn’t even have that. None of them have shoes yet, that will come when the sponsorship money starts coming in. As for now they are being fed and have at least one set of clothes.

This program works. Children’s lives are being saved. They are healthy, happy and growing up knowing that someone cares about their future. They are learning to trust God and they are so thankful for all that your sponsorship is providing for them.

Sponsorship can be made from our web site: www.onlybelieveministries.org Press the donate button to make sponsorship payments using paypal. Or you can mail in your sponsorship donations to : 

 Only Believe Ministries
  P.O. Box 396
  Galatia, Illinois 62935

Once again sponsorship can be made monthly which is $24.00. every 6 months which is $144.00 or once a year which is $288.00. All your donations and sponsorship payments are tax deductible as Only Believe Ministries is a 501c3 not for profit organization, and we send 100% of your sponsorship to the ARC

“For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger and ye took me in: naked and ye clothed me……”


This is Lazar. In the first picture he had just come to live in the ARC. He was 8 years old. His mother died while giving birth to him and his father refused to care for him. In fact he never even came to see him. He lived with relatives until they could no longer care for him and they left him at the ARC. Now he has finished school and is attending mechanics and electrical school.

The next picture is of the little girl named Kumari. She was 10 years old when she came to the ARC. At that time both her parents were alive but they had Tuberculosis and could no longer take care of Kumari. She became a street child, begging for food. Now Kumari is grown and she married. We saw her and her husband this year and the next day she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
Below is a picture of Bujji. He was 5 years old when he came to the ARC with his brother Bapujji who was 7. The boys wittnessed both their parents commit suicide in a very tragic story. Today however Bapujji is attending college and Bujji is finishing high school and wants to be a teacher.
Several more of our girls have married and are no longer living at the ARC. The ones we know are Durga,Mary Grace, Maria Vijrapu and she has a baby and a desire to work. Her husband is allowing her to get a job. She is very excited…, 

 Grace Mani has a toddler and is expecting a second child.  Also, one of our boys, Surrendra finished college, has gotten married and lives in a nearby city with a great job in a hotel.

Prasanth is interviewing for a job as an electrician. 

Jyothi is a cosmetologist.

Babi and Ashok are working as mechanics.

Satya is a nurse and Avanthi is a nurses assistant, both working in hospitals!
When this cute photo was taken in 2010 we captioned it with “THEIR FUTURES SO BRIGHT THEY HAVE TO WEAR SHADES.” We did not know at that time how prophetic that statement would turn out to be. Thank you sponsors for being WORLD CHANGERS. WE appreciate you so much.  

Living in America it’s hard to put into words the need there is for day care centers in India, especially among the rural people where Pastor Joseph ministers. Day care has been on the heart of Sony for some time. She arranged for us to meet and hear testimonies of many of the ladies who would benefit greatly from the day care center she desires to open in a rural village close to where she lives.

Many shared their stories with us and it brought us to tears as we heard of the daily struggles they face. They told of going to work everyday early in the morning and having no one to stay home and care for your children. They shared the heartache about husbands who won’t work, are abusive to them and will not provide for their families, leaving the survival of their families on their shoulders.

Sony longs to ease their suffering by providing the day care center, as well as ministering to and mentoring these young mothers.

The following pictures are of these brave, hardworking young wives and mothers.

Two of the many mothers with babies.

Some of these ladies needed a hug with prayer.
Vitamins, fresh fruit and some necessities for the babies and toddlers.
We are still waiting on the details from Pastor Joseph and Sony to know what exactly will be needed to rent and furnish the day care center. We will share with you when we receive the information. Below is a picture of the house and back yard they want to use for this facility.

The house and yard is enclosed with a concrete wall for added protection for the babies and the workers.

Once again OBM would like to thank everyone that contributed donations for us to purchase Bibles for distribution in India. We handed out hundreds of Bibles to Pastors, children and others while we were on our trip this year. Pastor Joseph just left another district where he held a Pastors conference and was able to give the Pastors in attendance Bibles as well. These faithful pastors had been praying for 2 years to receive Bibles. God Bless you all for spreading the Good News in India.  
Many Bibles will enter the villages through the hands of these children!
 It was such a pleasure to shop for and present our Grandmas with a new saree. They all looked happy and healthy this year. Their number has grown and Pastor Joseph informed us that some of them are actually living in a home in a village where they have more room. Thank sponsors for your continued giving. If anyone would like to support Grandma’s House, the support is $24.00 a month. The address to sponsor is listed on the first page of this newsletter.  

For several years now O.B.M. has sponsored an underground church in India. The church is attended by ladies who are married to Hindu men who will not allow them to worship openly with other Christians. They meet in secret when their husbands go to sea to fish. The church was moved to a new location and we had an opportunity to attend service with them again this year and to serve them a meal afterwards.


This is what Pastors Joseph’s wife Sony had to say about this special occasion:

“What a wonderful day this was. Pastor Joseph ordained Terry Kielhorn. We rejoice this day as God has put this in our hearts to promote her for pastoral ministry. For 15 years she has been coming to India. She is serving the Lord and His people. She played a crucial role in establishing The Ark Rescue Center. She is a great prayer warrior and a great friend of mine. It is a great honor for Pastor Joseph your spiritual son to ordain you as a pastor and as the servant of Most High God. May you experience much joy in fulfilling your calling.”

It was the highlight of a wonderful day at our Secret Church meeting.