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 Photo Gallery
This is a picture of the first building we built.  It was called Jahnavi's Heart Orphanage. It was quickly filled with 24 children. Pastor Joseph and his wife Jahnavi (Sony) are the care takers for that which is now The Ark Rescue Center.
In 2013 we had to tear down the original orphanage building and replace it with this new building.  It is a little bigger and has a much better roof and ventilation for the children.
We built this building in 2008.  Originally it was just one story.  The first floor of this building is Grandma's House.  The second story came as we the number of our children grew.  The girls of the ARK Rescue Center live on the second floor of this building.
This is Terry holding Buji.  Buji came to the A.R.C. with his brother after losing both of their parents.
This was the very first little girl to come to the A.R.C. She came heartbroken and afraid. Her mother had just died and she was all alone.  The next picture shows her one year later.
Just one year later, and this little girl has flourished. God is using A.R.C. sponsors to save the lives of these children.
This is Angie surrounded by the children.
Only Believe Ministries was able to provide sewing machines to teach the children a trade for when they are older.
This is Grace learning to sew on their new sewing machine.
Some of the boys enjoying lunch!
Real men praise and worship!
Cindy and her girlfriends.
Delivering teddy bears to the children. Every child wants something to hug at night.
Just one of our beautiful girls. Several years in a row we had a carnival for the children.  This was taken on carnival day and she was really excited!
For several years in a row, we had a prayer camp for the children at the A.R.C.  We taught the children how to pray scripture using games and crafts.  This is Terry leading them as they blow a pretend trumpet.
Cindy playing on of their favorite games.  Sometimes we wish we didn't teach them how to play it!!  Ha ha.  It is getting harder and harder for us to get up off the ground quickly and run!!
Sometimes the kids get cake on special occasions.
Dinner time.
Cindy teaching one of the kids how to Go Fish on Carnival Day!
Another REAL man worshiping.
Just another cutie living at the A.R.C.!
The ARK Rescue Center - Click photo to enlarge.
Grandma's House - Click photo to enlarge.
This is Grandma's House. It was built in 2007 and is home to widows who have been abandoned by their children, are too sick to work and had no one to care for them.
These are some of the widows who live at Grandma's House.
A widow her new blanket that was made for her by children at a Vacation Bible School
More ladies enjoying their new blankets.
Pastor Joseph's wife, Sony loving on one of the widows of Grandma's House. This widow has gone home to be with Jesus.  She was blind and frail but a might prayer warrior.  She prayed day and night!
This is a group shot of the widows with their new blankets.
Angie visiting with one of the widows.
Only Believe Ministries purchased new mattresses for the widows when they moved into Grandma's House.
This widow is wearing a new hat crocheted by ladies from churches around the US.  We have taken boxes of hats that have truly bless the Grandmas in such a sweet way!!
Lounging on the porch
New Bibles for the widows.
Group picture with Cindy, Terry, and Angie behind Grandma's House.
This widow was living under trees before she came to Grandma's House.  She was sick, alone, and afraid.  The next picture shows her after living at Grandma's House for just a short period of time.
New clean clothes, food, love and a new life because of those who sponsor Grandma's House.
The rear view of Grandma's House.  The Grandmas' live on the bottom floor.
Angie starting one of the Conferences by blowing the shofar.
The women of India are so hungry for the Word of God. This is at one of the conferences.
Another conference for women. We have seen so many salvations, deliverances, healings at these conferences.
We have also had conferences for children of neighboring villages.  The boys will sit on one side and the girls on the other. The girls are in the next picture
All of these children will sit for hours listening to how Jesus loves them.  They require little or no supervision at these conferences. We have never seen anything like it.  They hang on your every word and so many of them have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Terry, Angie, and Cindy praying for Indian pastors during one of the Pastor's Conference
Cindy giving a demonstration at one of the conferences.
Terry preaching at one of the conferences in India.  All three of the sisters take turns preaching at the conferences.  They also have teams they take that also minister.
This is one of the first churches we had the honor of building in India.  To date we have had part in building 9 churches.
Another new church built  in a small Indian village.
We have taken hundreds of pairs of used eye glasses and given them to the widows and villages.  This has touched many lives and many souls have been saved after eyeglasses were given.
Only Believe Ministries has been able to put in several fresh water wells in villages.  We put the wells on property owned by Christians and then the water is given away for free. Most villages have to pay for their water which comes from contaminated, villages wells owned by Hindu's.
Giving pots, pans, and rice to widows who lost everything they had in a tsunami.
providing new clothes for poor widows and villagers.
Baptizing villagers in the Bay of Bengal.
Camp Warhorse.  The children are taught to pray over each other and themselves using scripture.  It is amazing how quickly they learn.  We used, stories, games and crafts to teach them.
More Camp Warhorse.
Open Air Meetings in the evening where we preach in a village and then pray for villagers.
Past Projects and Miscellaneous Ministry In India.
Terry teaching pastors in Kenya.
Terry teaching pastors in Kenya.
Terry preaching in Kenya.
A Bible School was also held in Kenya.
Terry was showing the kids how to make funny faces!  Fun times!
Sharing the Word of God at a church in Kenya.
Entertaining the children with her ipad!  They love to have their picture taken and then see it on the ipad.