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Interested in learning more about Grandma's House?
Grandma's House
Grandma's House was founded in 2007 by Only Believe Ministries. It is a home for elderly widows of India. Grandmas House is built just a few feet from The ARK Rescue Center with Pastor Joseph Matcha of Christ Fellowship Ministries and his wife Sony as the overseers. It currently houses 32 widows. 

Our vision for Grandma's House is to help the widows who are living in desperate situations, but we cannot do this without your help. 

Widows are sometimes considered "bad Luck" in some of the
 villages where we minister. They are rejected by villagers and even their own family members.  Right now , there are many elderly widows that have no one to help them or care for them. Often they are forced to live on the streets of the villages and beg for food. They have no blankets to keep them warm, and no roof to keep them dry. They have no food, and they are too sick and frail to work.  They have no hope. Their own children have turned their backs on them, hoping they will die an early death. Many sleep on the ground under trees. They are tired, lonely, sick, and afraid.  

You can help by being the outstretched hand of Jesus. You can show these poor ladies the love of Jesus in a tangible way by reaching out to them and changing their lives for just $24.00 a month.  If you would like to help us care for the widows of Grandma's House and become a sponsor, contact us and help bring love, security, and Jesus to these lonely, elderly ladies.  God bless you!! Click here for pictures of Grandma's House